UTARI (UTA Research Institute)

7300 Jack Newell Blvd South Fort Worth TX 76118

UTARI will showcase some of its newest innovations in biomedical device development as well as provide a look into two of our high-tech labs. The first of which is a state-of-the-art prototyping lab with various 3D printers, mills, a laser engraver, and other equipment. The second is an autonomous systems lab leveraging a Vicon system for indoor positioning of multiple drones and driverless vehicles working in coordination.

The UT Arlington Research Institute (UTARI) is a research and development unit of The University of Texas at Arlington specializing in applying cutting-edge technologies to real-world engineering problems.

UTARI's vision is to become a premier research institute, transforming ideas into realities through unbounded research and innovative development that sustain business and industry, advance humankind, and benefit our global society. Our collaborative endeavors reflect a commitment to excellence, integrity, and respect for all, bringing economic growth and fulfillment to our families, business partners, university, and community.